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J.Brown Homes is committed to helping individuals and families Keep Real Estate Simple. What does that mean? Buying, Selling, and Investing in Real Estate can be an exhausting process if you don't have the right people in your corner. When you allow J.Brown Homes to serve you to accomplish your Real Estate goals, you can be assured we have systems in place to take a seemingly complex transaction and break it down to its simplest form, one task at a time until we either hand you the keys or congratulate on your closed sale. Keep Real Estate Simple with us at your side!!

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Keep Real Estate Simple Episode 32

SELLERS:  There are different views on when the best time to sell your home might be.  Truth be told, every situation is different.  But, in general, it comes down toTraditional v New

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Keep Real Estate Simple Episode 25

BUYERS!! This one is for you ;)  I get straight to the point and tell you the FIVE BIGGEST MISTAKES that Buyers make before they even start the process.  As usual, lists like this can be

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Keep Real Estate Simple Episode 23

I typically make these videos about Real Estate information, a quick story to share, or maybe how the market is doing.  But this one is just to brag a little :) My Market Center out performed

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Keep Real Estate Simple Episode 20

So we're in a market where Buyer's have increased purchasing power.  Seller's are benefitting from a low inventory market and are garnering top dollar for their homes.  So the question is

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